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July, 2021 - HELLO ALL, PLEASE FORGIVE THE OUTDATED WEBSITE. When audiences disappeared during the pandemic so did I, to stay home and work on a new book and a one-woman show; I'll post updated information soon. In the meantime, I appreciate your patience with my slowly evolving website. 




A professional speaker and performer who shines a light on professional, personal and social issues, Mary is a keynote presenter, award-winning storyteller, and co-author of the critically acclaimed book, Women at Ground Zero.

In Her Image Photography

"Mary's presentation was incredibly funny, moving, and emotionally charged. She was delightful and poignant, and she left us all deeply moved."  

- Melissa Gilpin, Safeway Inc.


“Mary’s deeply moving, uplifting presentation was a two-hanky  experience.The diversity and inclusion messages were loud and clear.”  

- Michelle Naiser, Brown-Forman Corporation

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